Powder paint shops are the solutions dedicated to apply organic coatings by using spray equipment, usually a manual or an automatic guns for electrostatic spraying.



Powder coating is generally an economically attractive and enviromentally friendly alternative to liquid painting.

Powder coating can be applied to many kinds of material but is generally selected for metal surfaces.


Machines for powder painting processes offered by SciTeeX:

Powder Paint Booths

Powder paint booths  developed by SciTeeX are designed to eliminate powder escape outside the booth and to ensure optimum working conditions for the operator. The booths offered by SciTeeX meet environmental protection requirements.

Benefits of using SciTeeX electrostatic powder paint booths:

  • Operator's optimum working conditions (ventilation system, optimum lighting)
  • Very efficient booth ventilation reducing to zero the negative effect of paint spraying exercised on adjacent workstands
  • Low operating costs (long service life of components, low energy consumption)

Polymerization ovens

OVERSATIL Series polymerization ovens developed by SciTeeX are designed to ensure optimum curing conditions for the powder applied to a workpieces surface, by heating it to a temperature of 180ºC to 220ºC. At this temperature, the powder melts, polymerizes and is cured to produce a uniform and tight coating.

Benefits of using OVERSATIL Series polymerization ovens:

  • Optimal thermal insulation
  • Short time to achieve required temperature
  • Low heating-medium consumption
  • High-efficiency heat exchanger