SciTeeX Engineering Business Division places a high value on client services and a professional management of each individual project.

The cornerstone of our work is to deliver cost effective solutions by using the best ideas and delivering the best results for our clients.

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We provide professional services in the field:

  • Architecture
    SciTeeX deals with overall service of building investments. We produce building designs, architectural conceptions, function-and-space conceptions, projects of rebuilding, modernization and adaptation of various structures. Deeply experienced in designing architectural investment project we are conscious of challenges that face the companies who invest in their manufacturing process.


  • Environment
    SciTeeX provides a comprehensive range of services related to resource management, ecology, compliance with legal and formal environmental procedures.


  • Electrical studies
    The Electrical study is aimed at designing and developing electrical systems, which are crucial to make the machine operation safe and economical.


  • Technology studies
    SciTeeX engineering department support its client research center to apply new technologies for surface treatment.


  • Industrial processes studies
    The Industrial Process Study is aimed at collecting critical data about the current industrial process, mapping the process and creating a new effective implementation. Our goal is to provide the Customer with the most optimized, reliable, cost and time effective solution.

    The scope of the study is limited to surface treatment, process optimization and design-related activities.


We realize turn-key projects anywhere in the world

SciTeeX has provided turn-key engineering projects in the field of surface treatment for the last 10 years in more than 30 countries. We have a successful track-record of sophisticated projects started from the initial idea through construction project, implementation to the commissioning of the project. We offer complex management of international investment projects, supervision over the whole range of activities. Our goal is the execution of challenging projects, management of significant and appreciable investments that will satisfy our clients. SciTeeX takes all the responsibility to finish the project on time.