BLASTLUX Series are  medium and large-size blastrooms dedicated to surface preparation and finishing of large-size or heavy-weight workpieces, up to tens of meters in length and hundreds of tons in weight.

Key features distinguishing BLASTLUX Series blastrooms

Exceptionally durable and cost effective FlexMatic recovery floor enables to build the blastroom without deep and expensive foundations

  • Thanks to the unique design is not necessary to build deep and expensive foundations (only 130 mm to 260 mm depth)
  • Low level of energy consumption :1.1 kW drive provides recovery up to 70 m²
  • Noise-free operation of scrapers with the flexible strip
  • Exceptionally durable and reliable abrasive recovery floor system
  • Automatic adaptation to quantity of the transported abrasive
  • Shorter assembly times of ready-for-use FlexMatic modules

Control box including advanced safety functions and operator-friendly software

  • User friendly thanks to the alphanumeric LED display that gives a precise machine status information to the operator and technical personnel by means of clear communication in a chosen language
  • Machine operation is continuously supervised by a microprocessor controller
  • Inbuild operator’s work safety functions
  • Automatic self-turn off of the machine

Smooth control of working pressure by means of the RACK system




Access to the blastroom in a fully tailored to customer needs

  • Main access door: specialized motorized Rollflex door (made of rubber lined aluminum profiles) or manual double-folded door (with the inner protection rubber)
  • The number of service door depends on lenght of the blastroom