SciTeeX offers a wide range of equipment used in liquid painting processes:

Robot painting

Painting and drying booths with robot painting, a solution that improves production efficiency and reduces production cost.

Benefits of using a robot painting:

  • Higher productivity as compared with hand-operated painting
  • Reduced process time
  • Trouble-free of painting hard-to-reach areas
  • User friendly software that allows to quick and easy programming
  • Continuous operation
  • Unattended for most of the operation time
  • High and reproducible quality of painted surface


Designed to accelerate the drying process of painted elements. In the dryer, the drying rate in dryers is several times higher. Dryer are available in a variety of sizes so as to meet customer requirements.



Painting walls

Recommended for small and medium plants. Painting walls are designed to capture dust produced during painting process and extract painting vapor from the hall. The filtration system ensures efficient dust collection in the working space. The right work conditions also provide full lighting of the working area.
This is an economic solution for the painting process: low energy consumption, low spare parts cost, minimum space needed for installation.