Thermal spray rooms are dedicated to metal coating by using spray equipment.




Thermal spray rooms offered by SciTeeX are designed to ensure optimum working conditions and to make the agents used in the spraying process less harmful. The rooms protect the environment and other work spaces located in the same hall.



Depending on the needs, thermal spray rooms can be adapted for many thermal spraying methods such as arc, flame, plasma and HVOF.




The major advantages of application of SciTeeX’s thermal spray rooms:

  • Environmentally friendly solutions (minimization of noxious dust emissions)
  • Possibility of using various thermal spray methods
  • Synchronization of the security system room and thermal spray equipment (the process can be started only after all safety systems have been activated)
  • Optimum working conditions (ventilation, lighting, safety)
  • Weather condition-independent operation
  • Possibility of automation and robotization