Machine installation and training for operators

  • Worldwide machine installation by a dedicated team of SciTeeX specialists
  • Tele – training upon customer’s request



Technical support

  • Dedicated hotline and web portal
  • Free assistance for remote consultation
  • Service-Inquiry



Maintenance and repair

Planned and systematic maintenance done with original spare parts and specialized staff is what keeps our machinery in full working condition. We protect the interests of our clients and believe prevention is still the best problem solver in engineering. We seek to minimize overall downtime and cost. To do that we give you:

  • Emergency Hotline with dedicated web portal
  • Maintenance programs to maximize equipment life and avoid failure
  • Remote diagnosis
  • On site visit and repair


Spare parts and consumables

  • Large stock of products ready for delivery
  • Express production from our plan available upon request
  • Express worldwide delivery by a professional logistics department
  • Price you will like


Investment Financing

If necessary, SciTeeX  supports its customers to secure financing through:

  • Leasing
  • Bank Credit
  • Trade Credit

These financial instruments, available in selected countries, are tailored for your specific needs, and our trusted financial partners, with a strong presence on the market,  make sure you get the best deal out there.