Wheel blast machines designed to be single-loaded are recommended for treating workpieces in a batch. The essential feature of these machines is a minimum space needed for installation and shorter transport distances.

Wheel blast machines for single load offered by SciTeeX:

RATIOJET Hanging Conveyor Machines

The hanging conveyor machines are flexible type of machines in term of use. They are recommended for treating many various kinds of elements such as: fragile or irregular shaped parts, medium or large-size workpieces.



The hanging conveyor machines are designed to be continuously loaded or single-loaded, depending on the type of treatment process. Machines intended for a single load are equipped with an overhead conveyor which makes it possible to move one hook inside the cleaning chamber, while the other hook is being loaded or unloaded outside. The elements are hung individually or in clusters on hooks. During the blasting process the hook rotates and oscillates to enable the abrasive to reach any point on the workpiece surface.

Applications: derusting, descaling, painting surface preparation.