Wheel blast machines are dedicated to mechanical surface preparation by impact treatment using the turbine technique.




Wheel blast machines are mainly used to remove scale, rust and old paint coatings.

SciTeeX Group offers a wide range of machines responding to different requirements in terms of workpiece size and productivity.


The highest standard of machines

The RATIOJET Series developed by SciTeeX includes tailor made wheel blast machines manufactured to achieve the highest-quality by the European strictest  standards. SciTeeX offers the most cost-effective processes available on the market.


We always choose long service life components

To deliver to our customers high productivity, low operating cost and long service life of our machines, we choose only the highest-quality components to be used for the producing of the RATIOJET Series:

The  cleaning  chamber. This is the key element of the wheel blast machine. The cleaning chamber is made of the highest-quality manganese steel covered with an additional layer of protective plates. This ensures low operating cost and long service life of the machine.

Turbines AH 280 and AH 350 . The turbines are designed to provide a substantial improvement in production efficiency.

They offer the following benefits:

  • Time-proven design
  • Exceptional wear resistance (extremely strong alloys, all elements made of steel of increased resistance to abrasion)
  • Service life longer than that of conventional turbines
  • Reduced consumption of energy, abrasives and spare parts


Machines precisely suited to customer needs

The RATIOJET Series wheel blast machines are divided into several main categories and several configurations depending on treatment needs and applications:

Special machines: we enjoy new challenges

SciTeeX Group has developed a successful track-record of machines design dedicated to specific applications and meeting non-standard customer requirements. more…