May 2022


With 30 years of experience in machine building, SciTeeX engineers have developed a modern modular solution for RUBICOAT® compact surface treatment lines.

The RUBICOAT® philosophy is based on any machine configuration. RUBICOAT® complete lines are primarily specialized machines that are very compact, incorporating many innovative and advanced solutions that make this configuration possible.

One of the most important features of the RUBICOAT® line is the possibility to integrate the blastroom or wheel blast machine with the paint shop transport system in such a way that they form a single functional unit.

Key features of RUBICOAT®

  • saving of space - the line occupies a small area;
  • possible execution without foundation of the whole line;
  • integration of different technological processes: mechanical and chemical surface preparation, liquid and powder painting, thermal spraying of metals;
  • different sizes of workpieces: from small details to large ones, which are no challenge for SciTeeX;
  • full and seamless integration into pneumatic blastrooms and wheel blast machines through implementation of the entire process line by one manufacturer;
  • possibility to configure machines according to individual requirements for optimization of the technologies and processes used;
  • freedom of machine positioning in relation to each other, depending on the location in the production hall and the direction of the flow of parts through the process line;
  • advanced automation systems that integrate individual machines and processes into a complete unit;
  • the possibility of integration with a local ERP system.


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